Balcony lift

So you have purchased a new sofa and find that it will not fit through the doorway of your apartment, Homemove Hero’s to the rescue!

Tips for attempting a Balcony Lift

Before attempting a Balcony Lift we recommend that you try out some other options.

  • Are there any other entrances or doorways into the room?
  • Can the furniture item be dismantled or can the feet be taken off to make it smaller?
  • Can entrance doors be taken off hinges to provide extra room?

Balcony Removal Safety Points

Balcony lifts are inherently difficult manoeuvres and as such are not covered by our repair guarantee. As a general rule we do not perform balcony lifts

  • above a height of about 5.5 metres (approximately 2 storeys) or
  • with objects that are deemed too heavy or
  • when circumstances that are too dangerous.

Alternatives to a Balcony Lift

If we cannot perform a balcony lift for whatever reason, all is not lost! Try some other options such as hiring a scissor lift/cheery picker or engaging a rigging/crane hire company. We recommend you investigate any safety issues before proceeding with these options.

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