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When you find yourself facing the challenge of furniture that won’t fit through the doorway of your apartment, our Homemove Heroes are here to save the day with our balcony lift service. Say goodbye to the frustrations of narrow hallways and tight door frames, and let us help you effortlessly move your new sofa or bulky item onto your balcony.

Tips for a Successful Balcony Lift:

  1. Explore Other Options: Before attempting a balcony lift, consider alternative entrances or doorways that may provide easier access.
  2. Dismantle if Possible: Check if the furniture item can be dismantled or if its feet can be removed to make it more manageable for the lift.
  3. Create Extra Space: In some cases, removing entrance doors from hinges can provide the additional room needed for a successful balcony lift.

Safety First:

We understand that balcony lifts require careful maneuvering and come with inherent challenges. To ensure everyone’s safety, please note the following:

  1. Height Limitations: Our balcony lifts are typically performed up to a height of about 5.5 meters (approximately 2 storeys).
  2. Weight Restrictions: There are weight limits for objects we can lift during a balcony lift.
  3. Dangerous Circumstances: We prioritise safety and may decline balcony lifts in situations where there are significant risks involved.

At HomeMove, your satisfaction and safety are our top priorities. Rest assured that our experienced team will assess each situation carefully and provide the best solution to meet your needs.

Don’t let a tight doorway limit your possibilities. Contact HomeMove today to discuss our balcony lift service and ensure a seamless moving experience for your oversized furniture. Let us take care of the heavy lifting so you can enjoy your new addition to the balcony with ease!

Balcony Removals FAQs

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Yes, balcony lifts can be challenging and come with inherent risks. HomeMove does not provide a repair guarantee for balcony lifts. They may have height limitations, weight restrictions, or dangerous circumstances that prevent them from performing certain balcony lifts.

If a balcony lift cannot be performed, there are other alternatives to consider. These may include renting a scissor lift or cherry picker, or hiring a rigging or crane company. It is important to investigate safety issues before proceeding with these options.

A balcony lift service is provided by HomeMove when you have purchased furniture that does not fit through the doorway of your apartment. They can help lift the furniture onto the balcony to facilitate the move.

Before attempting a balcony lift, it is recommended to explore other options such as checking for alternative entrances or doorways, considering whether the furniture can be dismantled or made smaller, and determining if entrance doors can be removed to create more space.

When the Balcony Lift Isn’t Possible:

If, for any reason, we cannot perform a balcony lift, don’t worry! We have alternative solutions for you to explore:

  1. Scissor Lift or Cherry Picker: Consider renting equipment like a scissor lift or cherry picker to facilitate the move.
  2. Rigging or Crane Hire: Engaging a professional rigging or crane hire company can be a viable option for challenging moves.

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