Carlton Removalists You Can Count on

We love doing removals in Carlton because (for one thing) it keeps us on our game.  As a thriving inner city hub, it’s got business people who want to be close to work, university students, “empty nesters” who prefer the bustle of an inner suburb, and everyone in-between.


Because of Carlton’s diversity, there’s no such thing as a “typical” Carlton home.  Sometimes we’ll get a wide driveway we can back into, or we’ll need to park and manoeuver in the smallest of backstreets.  Sometimes we have to go up 4 flights of stairs, or do a balcony lift.


Whatever you need to move to, from, or within Carlton, HomeMove can oblige.  We pull off smooth, incident-free, no-stress removals in Carlton all the time.  As aficionados of Carlton’s converted apartments, cafes, nightlife, and lively streets, we look forward to your move as much as you’re looking forward to the next chapter of life.