Melbourne Holiday Moves

Heading down the coast for the summer?

Then why not use HomeMove Removalists to transport your belongings to your holiday house, so you can truly have a home away from home.
Every December we are busy hauling Christmas trees to Apollo Bay, barbeques to Torquay, outdoor settings and fishing rods to Phillip Island, and even beds and couches to Sorento.

Our advice, like your Christmas shopping…. book early to avoid the rush and disappointment. And of course, don’t forget those big pressies for the kids, trampolines and bikes with ribbons! Of course, just like Santa, our expert movers know how to keep precious gifts safe on long journeys …….. so you can enjoy those beaming smiles round the tree!

De-cluttering & Holiday Homes

Remember holiday homes can also be a great place to store excess furniture and clutter, making your city home more spacious. If your beach side retreat or country shack has plenty of space consider freeing up your regular life. On the other hand, if you need room to store all those extra things accumulated over the holiday season, there’s always HomeMove’s Storage facility!

Melbourne Holiday Moves FAQs

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Rates may vary among removalists in Melbourne during the holiday season. It is recommended to inquire about pricing and any potential premium rates specific to holiday moves when contacting removalists in Melbourne.

Yes, many removalists in Melbourne have experience in transporting large items like trampolines and bikes for holiday moves. They have the expertise and equipment to ensure the safe and secure delivery of your belongings to your holiday destination.

Yes, some removalists in Melbourne provide storage solutions that can be beneficial for holiday homes. If you need to declutter your city home or store extra items accumulated during the holiday season, inquire with removalists about their storage options.

To find a removalist for your holiday move in Melbourne, you can search online or use search engines to discover various removalist companies. Once you identify a suitable removalist, visit their website or contact them directly to inquire about their services and make necessary arrangements for your holiday move.

Yes, it is advisable to book your holiday move in advance with a removalist in Melbourne. The holiday season tends to be busy, and booking early ensures availability and avoids last-minute scheduling issues.

There are several removalist companies in Melbourne that offer services for holiday moves. It is recommended to search for reputable removalists in Melbourne to find the right company for your holiday move.

So if you need a move this coming holiday!

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You’ll get the same great value for money all year round!

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