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Home Move Checklist – From Sale to Settlement

Last Updated on June 12, 2023 by Vlad Stoikovich

The house is sold and settled and it’s time to go… but the list of things to do seems endless, and always growing.  See below our popular Sale to Settlement moving checklist.


More Than 6 Weeks to Go

4 Weeks to Go


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The Week of the Move

The Day Before the Move

Moving Day

Home Move Checklist FAQs

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Two weeks before moving, you should continue packing, check your insurance policy, organize cutoff dates for utilities, inform others of your change of address, cancel memberships, and consider booking professional cleaners.

Four weeks before moving, you should organize a moving document folder, contact a furniture removalist, check measurements and boundaries of the new property, and consider access for large appliances and furniture.

More than 6 weeks before moving, you should research and contact removal companies, handle the deposit, maintain property insurance, and provide relevant loan details to your solicitor or conveyancer.

On moving day, you should complete the settlement process, ensure vacant possession of the property, disconnect utilities, ensure safety for kids and pets, perform a final check of the property, and lock all doors and windows as you leave.

The day before the move, you should clean and defrost your fridge, wash dirty clothes, gather essential items for immediate use at the new home, and make sure you have access to important belongings.

The week of the move, you should confirm the settlement time and date, conduct a pre-settlement inspection, pack essential items, return library books and rentals, and ensure keys are provided to the selling agent.

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