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Office removalists in Melbourne, finding value for money!

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Value for money office removalists

The  perfect office removalists for you. So you have an office relocation and the boss has given you a minuscule budget to work with. How do you get the office move,  smooth, on time and on budget?

Finding the right office removalist

Where to start looking? We recommend the usual places: Google search, online review sites and of course ask your friends and business colleagues. Consider your budget, larger firms with complicated moves may want to go with a specialist commercial/ office removalist, while smaller to medium size businesses could typically use a local removalist with loads of office moving experience. A smaller local mover, may not offer the full service, bells and whistles, but, they can certainly work with you to keep costs under control.

Keeping office removals costs down

Here are some tasks you can take on yourself and some helpful tips to streamline your move:
1. Packing services for office furniture removals: Unpacking and Packing of your smaller items into boxes for your office move can cost you more than the move itself. Keep costs down, by getting your own staff to do their own packing of personal belongings. Your staff will also feel more secure knowing they have sorted, packed and are responsible for their own paperwork and equipment.
2. Files and Folders: Remember to pack these office items in a logical sequence or order so they can easily be filed away ant the drop off address. It could take days for the office junior to re-sort files which have been jumbled. Remember to label boxes with appropriate information. Consider moving highly confidential or critical documents in your own vehicles.
3. Dismantling and Reassembly of furniture: Although any office removalist in Melbourne worth their salt should be able to dismantle and reassemble your furniture, this can be a time consuming undertaking. Think about getting a member of staff who has some basic handyman skills to make a start on the nuts, bolts, clips and screws! Remember to keep track of all your odds and ends, we suggest sealing screws, bolts etc, in a zip lock bag and taping them to the furniture item they belong to. If you come up against the challenge of a particularly complicated piece of furniture consider, taking photos during each step of the dismantling process. Take it from experienced office removalists, it will save much heartache come reassembly time.
4. Colour code and draw maps: Draw a nice map for your Melbourne movers, indicating where your office furniture items need to be placed. Colour code office furniture with small dots, each colour representing a different room or area. Your office removals team will love you, and if will make the move faster and funner (I mean more fun) ….. like a big treasure hunt!
If you want more tips in relation to your office move simply call us on (03) 9077 3120. HomeMove 7/420 Victoria st, Brunswick Victoria 3056.

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HomeMove removalists dismantling office furniture in Melbourne’s cbd.

Office removalists in Melbourne FAQs

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Yes, many office removalists can help with unpacking and setting up your new office, including reassembling furniture and equipment, allowing your business to get up and running quickly.

Yes, experienced office removalists should be able to safely and efficiently pack, move, and set up IT equipment, including servers. Be sure to discuss this when getting a quote.

Yes, many office removalists offer comprehensive services that include project management, which can greatly simplify the moving process.

Ask about their procedures for handling confidential documents. Reputable office removalists should offer secure packing and transport options, and potentially even document destruction services.

No, while cost is a factor, it shouldn’t be the only one. Consider the company’s experience, services, and reputation as well. The cheapest option may not provide the best service.

Provide a detailed inventory of what needs to be moved, including furniture, equipment, and documents. Also, specify any special requirements, like moving after business hours or the need for special equipment to move large items.

A local removalist will have knowledge of the area, which can help expedite the move. They’ll be able to visit your office in person to provide a more accurate quote and better understand your needs.

Check if the removalist offers storage services. If there’s a delay, your items could be securely stored until the new office is ready. Make sure to discuss potential scenarios and solutions with your removalist during the planning stages.

Look for a removalist with experience in office relocations, as they require different expertise than residential moves. The company should be reliable, have positive customer reviews, and be able to handle the volume and type of items you need to move.

Office moves often involve large, heavy equipment, sensitive electronics, and confidential documents. Experienced office removalists are familiar with the appropriate techniques and equipment to handle these items safely.

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