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Brighton to East Brighton

3 bedroom home move to from Brighton to East Brighton
Couple of heavy items like mahogany piano and camphor wood box, 2 single beds to stay downstairs.
10 tonne truck, move done on a Tuesday with 4 hours total

Tuesday 1/06/2021
Janet R.
Brighton to Hampton

2 bedroom home move just a few pieces from Brighton to Hampton
The client was a repeat customer.
4 tonne truck, move done on a Tuesday with 7 hours total.

Tuesday 4/01/2022
Umesh R.
Brighton to Camberwell

-Loaded a 10-tonne truck with contents of a 3-bedroom apartment in Brighton on Thursday.
-Travelled 9.5klms to Camberwell in 22 minutes and unloaded within 7 hours.
-No storage required for the move.

Thursday 5/03/2023
Brighton to Port Melbourne

Loaded a 5 bedroom house onto a 10 tonne truck in Brighton on Thursday.
Spent a total of 7 hours loading and unloading the truck.
Drove the load 8kms to Port Melbourne in 10 minutes.

Thursday 17/04/2023
Brighton to Fairfield

Loaded a 4 bedroom apartment onto a 10 tonne truck in Brighton.
Drove the truck 22klms to Fairfield in 33 minutes on a Wednesday.
Unloaded the truck in 7 hours at the new location.

Wednesday 12/02/2023
Brighton to Essendon

Loaded a 4 bedroom apartment into a 10 tonne truck in Brighton.
Drove 14klms in 27 minutes to Essendon.
Unloaded the truck in Essendon, taking a total of 7 hours.

Friday 14/04/2023
Brighton to Pascoe Vale

Loaded a 4 bedroom apartment in 10 tonne truck from Brighton to Pascoe Vale on a Saturday.
Total loading and unloading time was 10 hrs, and travel time was 27 minutes over a distance of 22klms.
Load was not taken from storage.

Saturday 15/02/2023
Brighton to Fitzroy North

Loaded a 3 bedroom house onto a 10 tonne truck in Brighton on a Tuesday.
Took 7 hours to load and unload the truck in Fitzroy North.
Travelled 12km in 23 minutes to complete the move.

Tuesday 1/04/2023
Brighton to Fitzroy

Loaded a 3 bedroom house onto a 10 tonne truck in Brighton on a Saturday.
Loading and unloading took a total of 7 hours.
Travelled 12km to Fitzroy, taking only 27 minutes.

Saturday 7/04/2023
Brighton to Macleod

Loaded a 3 bedroom apartment from storage in Brighton onto a 10 tonne truck on a Wednesday.
Total loading and unloading time took 7 hours before departing for Macleod.
Travelled 28kms in 39 minutes to deliver the load to its new location.

Wednesday 21/01/2023
Brighton to Flemington

Loaded a 2 bedroom house onto a 4 tonne truck in Brighton on Wednesday.
Spent 4 hours loading and unloading the truck before departing for Flemington.
Travelled 18.2km in 38 minutes to arrive at destination.

Wednesday 6/02/2023
Brighton to Maidstone

Loaded 5 bedroom house onto 10 tonne truck in Brighton on Saturday.
7 hours spent loading and unloading, no storage involved.
Travelled 17km distance to Maidstone in 24 minutes.

Saturday 8/03/2023
Brighton to Highett

Arrived at Brighton apartment and loaded contents onto 4 tonne truck.
Drove 9 minutes to Highett destination, covering 5 klms distance.
Unloaded apartment contents within 4 hours, completing the move.

Friday 28/04/2023
Brighton to Hawthorn East

Arrived at 9am to load 4 bedroom apartment into 10 tonne truck.
Finished loading at 12pm and departed for Hawthorn East.
Unloaded by 7pm, with total travel time of 19 minutes over 10km distance.

Thursday 19/04/2023

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    Prestigious Coastal Lifestyle

    Living in the suburb of Brighton in Melbourne offers a prestigious coastal lifestyle that is highly sought after. Located just 11 kilometers south of Melbourne’s city center, Brighton is renowned for its stunning beaches, elegant properties, and a vibrant community. The suburb boasts a range of luxurious and architecturally impressive homes, including stately mansions and contemporary waterfront residences. Residents of Brighton can enjoy the privilege of living in a prestigious coastal enclave, with easy access to the pristine sandy shores of Brighton Beach and the iconic bathing boxes. This enviable location provides opportunities for beachside activities, leisurely walks along the coastline, and breathtaking views of the ocean.

    Elite Shopping and Dining

    Brighton is known for its elite shopping and dining scene, offering residents a plethora of high-end boutiques, upscale fashion labels, and gourmet restaurants. The popular Church Street, lined with boutique shops and cafes, serves as a bustling hub for locals and visitors alike. Residents of Brighton can indulge in a world-class shopping experience, with an array of designer stores, homeware boutiques, and specialty shops catering to refined tastes. When it comes to dining, the suburb offers a diverse range of culinary options, from award-winning fine dining establishments to trendy cafes and waterfront eateries. The abundance of exclusive shopping and dining experiences in Brighton contributes to its reputation as a premier lifestyle destination.

    Excellent Schools and Recreational Facilities

    One of the key advantages of living in Brighton is the access to excellent schools and recreational facilities. The suburb is home to a range of prestigious public and private schools, providing top-notch education options for families. These schools are known for their academic excellence, dedicated teaching staff, and comprehensive extracurricular programs. Additionally, Brighton offers a variety of recreational facilities, including sports clubs, golf courses, and fitness centers, catering to active individuals and families. Residents can also enjoy the beautiful parks and gardens in the area, such as Dendy Park and Green Point Reserve, which provide serene green spaces for outdoor activities, picnics, and leisurely strolls. The availability of top-quality schools and recreational amenities adds to the appeal of living in Brighton for families and individuals seeking a well-rounded and enriching lifestyle.

    September 7, 2023

    I just completed a really smooth move - Ben did a fabulous job packing yesterday, and then Adrian, Ricki and Karol did an incredibly efficient move from a complex apartment with limited access to my place, even with the need to remove sores - great work, and thank you so much!

    September 7, 2023

    We had the pleasure of using HomeMove over the weekend and were absolutely delighted with the service. Ryan and Max were outstanding - professional, efficient, and treated all of our belongings with the utmost care and consideration. We have already recommended them to several people and will continue to do so!

    September 7, 2023

    I have had the best moving experience with HomeMove both locally and internationally over the past two decades. The service was simply outstanding. Jacob & Gino were amazing - professional, courteous and efficient. They made the day stress-free for me. I will definitely be using them again and would highly recommend them to anyone.

    August 18, 2021

    Pascal and Ricky were amiable, courteous, and eager to help. Despite the lengthy day, HomeMove made the experience relatively stress-free.

    August 3, 2020

    Clancy and Matt were outstanding - much better than the previous movers we had. They were speedy and professional, and we highly recommend them.

    June 23, 2016

    I highly recommend this service to anyone looking for the best. Both the office staff and workmen have been incredibly efficient and provided amazing service.

    March 29, 2015

    The gentlemen were excellent. Punctual and meticulous. The entire process, from booking to completion, was seamless.

    February 11, 2013

    I cannot say a single bad word about the removalist - they were the best I have ever come across! The service was great and the prices were competitive. I will definitely be using Homemove again.

    BRIGHTON Removalist Rates

    4.4 Tonne Truck
    (3 Tonne. Tare)

    No. of MoversWeekday RateSaturday RateSunday Rate
    2 Men $203 p/h $220 p/h $239 p/h
    3 Men $266 p/h $304 p/h $313 p/h

    approx. 21 to 22 cubic metres


    just a few items, most 2 bedroom home furniture removals or apartments, small office removals.

    10.4 Tonne Truck
    (6 Tonne. Tare)

    No. of MoversWeekday RateSaturday RateSunday Rate
    2 Men $226 p/h $252 p/h $275 p/h
    3 Men $284 p/h $319 p/h $349 p/h

    approx. 36 to 47 cubic metres


    most 3 or 4 bedroom homes or apartments, medium to large offices, warehouses.

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    Yes, we have many satisfied customers in Brighton and can provide references upon request.

    Yes, we have experience with moving delicate and fragile items, and take extra care to ensure their safety during transit.

    Yes, we offer packing and unpacking services to help make your move stress-free.

    Yes, we offer secure storage solutions in Brighton for short or long-term periods.

    We base our prices on the size of your move, the distance travelled, and any additional services you require.

    We offer flexible scheduling and can accommodate moves at any time that suits you, subject to availability.

    Our cancellation policy varies based on the circumstances, but we aim to be as flexible as possible to accommodate our customers’ needs.

    We use a range of vehicles, including vans and trucks, to suit the size of your move.

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