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Richmond to Hawthorn

1 bedroom unit move from Richmond to Hawthorn
Items include 2x mattress, fridge, washer, 2x shelves, desk, large plant + planter box
4 tonne truck, move done on a Wednesday with 2.50 hours total.

Wednesday 16/02/2022
Joshua P.
Richmond to Brunswick West

1 bedroom unit move from Richmond to Brunswick West
2x trips, first trip includes furniture then the second trip are all plants.
4 tonne truck, move done on a Thursday with 6 hours total.

Thursday 23/12/2021
Kobi M.
Richmond to Collingwood

2 bedroom unit move from Richmond to Collingwood
4 tonne truck, move done on a Saturday with 5 hours total.

Saturday 26/02/2022
Adam F.
Richmond to Cremorne

The client was a repeat customer, move 20 person office from Richmond to Cremorne
With lift, all staff will took care of packing and boxes. Dismantling & reassembly of 3x tables, and stationary shelving cabinets. Whiteboards, TV’s (and brackets) and neon signs removed from walls at pick up. All basic power plugs and machine cables to be unplugged by HomeMove.
2x 4 tonne truck, move done on a Wednesday with 8.50 hours total.

Wednesday 3/06/2020
Bastion B.
Richmond to Surrey Hills

2 bedroom unit from Richmond to Surrey Hills
Only large items, 1x queen mattress, 1x double mattress, TV, BBQ, washer, chairs, possibly a bookshelf, and boxes.
4 tonne truck, move done on a Friday with 4 hours total.

Friday 17/12/2021
Chani W.
Richmond to Hawthorn East

1 bedroom unit move from Richmond to Hawthorn East
Items include bed + base, pot plants, couch, few boxes, coffee table, washer, dryer.
4 tonne truck, move done on a Monday with 2.50 hours total.

Monday 8/11/2021
Conor A.
Richmond to Northcote

3 bedroom unit move from Richmond and store at HomeMove Storage Northcote
Small furniture items include sofa, dining table, QS bed, washing machine.
4 tonne truck, move done on a Monday with 3.50 hours total.

Monday 28/02/2022
Donna F.
Richmond to Flemington

1 bedroom home share house move from Richmond to Flemington
The client pass down the mattress to HomeMove team as the balcony is not safe.
4 tonne truck, move done on a Saturday with 3.50 hours total.

Saturday 17/04/2021
Richmond to Canterbury

Repeat customer, few items move from Richmond to Canterbury storage.
Items move with piano and lift.
4 tonne truck, move done on a Monday with 5 hours total.

Monday 21/06/2021
Jim K.
Richmond to Malvern

2 bedroom unit move from Richmond to Malvern
The client was a repeat customer. Supplied boxes and packing materials.
4 tonne truck, move done on a Thursday with 9 hours total.

Thursday 16/09/2021
Joanne F.
Richmond to Templestowe Lower

-Loaded a 10 tonne truck with a 3 bedroom apartment in Richmond on Friday.
-Travelled 15klms to Templestowe Lower in 23 minutes.
-Unloaded the truck in 7 hours.

Friday 7/01/2023
Richmond to Viewbank

Loaded a 5 bedroom house onto a 10 tonne truck in Richmond.
Drove the truck from Richmond to Viewbank, a distance of 16klms, in 25 minutes.
Unloaded the truck in Viewbank in 7 hours.

Wednesday 13/04/2023

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    About Richmond

    Community Spirit and Multiculturalism in Richmond

    Richmond is a vibrant and multicultural area that attracts people of all ages. With a great community spirit, the area is welcoming and friendly, making it an ideal place for young adults to settle in. The area is particularly famous for Victoria Street, known as Little Saigon, which offers a range of Asian eateries and grocery stores. Shopping in Richmond is also a popular pastime, with Bridge Road factory outlets and furniture stores down Church Street. The area has a diverse population and offers a range of supermarkets and gourmet shops.

    Nightlife and Urban Culture in Richmond

    Richmond has a bustling nightlife, with many former hotels now transformed into bars that are full of life at night. The Corner Hotel is a popular venue for indie music and rooftop drinks. The area has an urban feel and boasts beautiful street art, galleries with unique pieces of art, and backstreet bars that are popular with locals and visitors. Sports fans go to the MCG in Richmond to watch a game. The area is easy to navigate with its tram stop, allowing access to neighbouring suburbs and the city centre.

    Diverse Property Options in Richmond

    Richmond offers a range of property options to suit different lifestyles. The area has Victorian-style terraces and traditional pubs, as well as loft-style apartments that are popular with young professionals. The east part of Richmond offers quieter streets with homes that are suitable for families and mature couples. The area is close to the city centre, yet offers a unique cultural experience on your doorstep.

    September 7, 2023

    Homemove provided a smooth service from inquiry to confirmation to completion. We highly recommend them for a move to an apartment as they demonstrated a great comprehension of what was required. Adrian and Brendan were professional and displayed great care for our belongings being moved.

    September 7, 2023

    Legends did all the heavy lifting while I took care of the more intricate details of the move.

    September 7, 2023

    Outstanding service and wonderful people. Moving was a breeze thanks to them. Many thanks!

    March 21, 2021

    The speed and ease of the movers, as well as the exceptional communication from the office, make HomeMove a truly memorable and impressive experience.

    August 3, 2020

    I've had the pleasure of using HomeMove multiple times, and today Fiachra & Ricki provided me with exceptional service. They kept me informed prior to the move and were incredibly efficient on the day. They completed the job in record time and I can't recommend this business highly enough.

    November 14, 2016

    Our experience with HomeMove was absolutely fantastic. From the initial phone call to the first move of some of our belongings into storage, to the main move and then taking receipt of the goods from storage, every hero that came and worked was amazing. They were so accommodating and took great care of all of our stuff. We would definitely use HomeMove again.

    March 15, 2015

    Mitch and Dave did an outstanding job. They arrived punctually, were professional and friendly. Moving from a 2 bedroom house was the most stress-free experience I've ever had. They did an amazing job and I would definitely use them again.

    July 15, 2013

    We really appreciate your help with the move. The guys were fantastic and we got it done in no time, taking great care of our belongings. We would highly recommend them to anyone. Many thanks!

    RICHMOND Removalist Rates

    4.4 Tonne Truck
    (3 Tonne. Tare)

    No. of MoversWeekday RateSaturday RateSunday Rate
    2 Men $203 p/h $220 p/h $239 p/h
    3 Men $266 p/h $304 p/h $313 p/h

    approx. 21 to 22 cubic metres


    just a few items, most 2 bedroom home furniture removals or apartments, small office removals.

    10.4 Tonne Truck
    (6 Tonne. Tare)

    No. of MoversWeekday RateSaturday RateSunday Rate
    2 Men $226 p/h $252 p/h $275 p/h
    3 Men $284 p/h $319 p/h $349 p/h

    approx. 36 to 47 cubic metres


    most 3 or 4 bedroom homes or apartments, medium to large offices, warehouses.

    Richmond FAQs

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    Yes, we provide boxes and packing materials for your convenience.

    We require parking arrangements to be made in advance to ensure a smooth and timely move.

    Yes, we offer short-term and long-term storage solutions in Richmond for your convenience.

    We service all areas of Richmond including the CBD, East Richmond, and South Richmond.

    Our availability varies, but we can work with you to find a suitable date and time for your move.

    Our pricing structure varies based on the size of your move and the services you require. We provide a free quote upon request.

    We have a variety of vehicles including trucks and vans to accommodate your specific needs.

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