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Viewbank to Bendigo (Strathdale)

4 bedroom home move from Viewbank to Bendigo
The client do the dismantle and reassembly.
Move done on a Tuesday with 7 hours total.

Tuesday 18/01/2022
Darren M.
Viewbank to Warrandyte

2 bedroom unit move from Viewbank to Warrandyte
The client was a repeat customer, fridge and treadmill ready on the garage.
4 tonne truck, move done on a Wednesday with 3.50 hours total.

Wednesday 5/05/2021
Jacinta P.
Viewbank to Preston

1 bedroom unit move from Viewbank to Preston
The client was a repeat customer, no overly heavy and dismantling required.
4 tonne truck, move done on a Wednesday with 2 hours total.

Wednesday 25/11/2020
Kathleen P.
Viewbank to Wantirna

Loaded a 3 bedroom house onto a 10 tonne truck in Viewbank.
Drove the truck from Viewbank to Wantirna, a distance of 22klms, in 26 minutes.
Unloaded the truck in Wantirna, totaling 7 hours of loading and unloading time.

Friday 25/02/2023
Viewbank to Wantirna South

Loaded a 2 bedroom house onto a 4 tonne truck in Viewbank at 9am on Monday morning.
Drove the load for 26 minutes over a distance of 21klms to Wantirna South.
Unloaded the load in Wantirna South at 1pm, completing the job in a total of 4 hours.

Monday 3/01/2023
Viewbank to Alphington

Loaded a 2 bedroom apartment into a 4 tonne truck in Viewbank on a Saturday.
Drove 11 minutes over a distance of 5klms to Alphington.
Unloaded the truck in 4 hours.

Saturday 13/01/2023
Viewbank to Macleod

Loaded a 1 bedroom apartment from storage onto a 4 tonne truck in Viewbank on Monday.
Drove the truck from Viewbank to Macleod, a distance of 5klms, in just 8 minutes.
Unloaded the apartment in Macleod within 4 hours.

Monday 20/03/2023

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    About Viewbank

    Scenic and Tranquil Natural Surroundings

    Living in the suburb of Viewbank in Melbourne offers residents the opportunity to embrace a scenic and tranquil lifestyle surrounded by natural beauty. Nestled on the banks of the Yarra River, Viewbank is known for its lush greenery, picturesque parks, and stunning views. The suburb is home to the beautiful Banyule Flats Reserve, a vast expanse of open grasslands, wetlands, and native vegetation. This reserve provides residents with opportunities for leisurely walks, birdwatching, and enjoying the serene beauty of the natural surroundings. Additionally, the nearby Yarra Valley Parklands offer extensive walking and cycling trails, perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities amidst a peaceful setting. Living in Viewbank allows residents to connect with nature and experience the tranquility of the suburb’s stunning natural surroundings.

    Close-Knit Community and Family-Friendly Atmosphere

    Viewbank is renowned for its close-knit community and family-friendly atmosphere, making it an ideal suburb for those seeking a strong sense of belonging and a nurturing environment. The suburb’s community spirit is evident through various local events, festivals, and activities that bring residents together. Community initiatives, such as farmers’ markets and neighborhood gatherings, promote a sense of camaraderie and provide opportunities for neighbors to connect and socialize. Viewbank is also home to excellent schools, both primary and secondary, that are highly regarded for their educational offerings. The suburb’s focus on family values and community engagement creates a welcoming and supportive atmosphere for residents of all ages.

    Convenient Access to Essential Amenities

    Viewbank offers convenient access to essential amenities, ensuring that residents have easy access to everyday needs and services. The suburb is well-served by nearby shopping precincts, such as the nearby Rosanna Village and Greensborough Plaza, which feature supermarkets, retail stores, cafes, and restaurants. These shopping destinations provide residents with a variety of options for groceries, shopping, and dining experiences. Viewbank is also well-connected in terms of transportation, with Rosanna train station located nearby, offering easy access to the city and other parts of Melbourne. The suburb’s convenient access to essential amenities enhances the overall convenience and quality of life for its residents.

    September 7, 2023

    Steve and the team were outstanding with our move, especially considering the weather conditions. We are immensely grateful to Fiachre, Ben and Will for their incredible effort. It is much appreciated. Fab & Maria.

    September 7, 2023

    Doug and Dan were a great help with my move yesterday and it went off without a hitch. I'd definitely recommend them for future moves.

    September 7, 2023

    Sam and Jack from The Boys were incredibly helpful, and we wouldn't think twice about using them again.

    May 12, 2022

    I was taken aback when I encountered a highly experienced and proficient trader who could make substantial profits in a single week. After investing a mere $500, I was able to withdraw $6,100 in just seven days. I am immensely grateful to Mrs Catherine George for her excellent work and for never letting me down.

    If you too want to experience the same success, you can reach out to her via email ( or Whatsapp (+1 (323) 879-3578).

    October 21, 2021

    Matt and Jack were outstanding - incredibly helpful and friendly - and completed the task with ease.

    November 26, 2015

    I stumbled across HomeMove through Public Self Storage and was thoroughly impressed! Vlad was incredibly accommodating and friendly with the paperwork. Miles and Doug, the removalists on the day, were also friendly, punctual, efficient, and knew exactly how to fit my furniture and boxes into my small storage unit at Public Self Storage. I can't fault them in any way! I'm really pleased with their service and will definitely be using HomeMove again.

    August 28, 2015

    Adrian from Get Smart Self Storage in Dandenong South has used Home Move many times and can highly recommend them for any removals jobs. Vlad and his team are always punctual, efficient, and very easy to deal with.

    June 17, 2012

    We have used Homemove on two occasions - the first to move the furniture of my late mother from Glen Waverley to Phillip Island, and the second to shift our daughter's furniture and other belongings to the same destination. On both occasions, Homemove were very thorough in assessing the jobs and guiding us through the process. Their staff arrived promptly at the agreed time, exercising great care in moving furniture and other items, paying particular attention to anything that may have been fragile or awkward.

    Our daughter's move was undertaken on a wet day, involving the negotiation of Richmond's narrow streets. The job was completed skillfully and without disruption to traffic or neighbours. The movers were courteous, friendly and helpful, proving to be very reliable and professional. We are happy to recommend Homemove for their excellent service.

    VIEWBANK Removalist Rates

    4.4 Tonne Truck
    (3 Tonne. Tare)

    No. of MoversWeekday RateSaturday RateSunday Rate
    2 Men $203 p/h $220 p/h $239 p/h
    3 Men $266 p/h $304 p/h $313 p/h

    approx. 21 to 22 cubic metres


    just a few items, most 2 bedroom home furniture removals or apartments, small office removals.

    10.4 Tonne Truck
    (6 Tonne. Tare)

    No. of MoversWeekday RateSaturday RateSunday Rate
    2 Men $226 p/h $252 p/h $275 p/h
    3 Men $284 p/h $319 p/h $349 p/h

    approx. 36 to 47 cubic metres


    most 3 or 4 bedroom homes or apartments, medium to large offices, warehouses.

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    Yes, we can provide references from satisfied clients we have served in Viewbank.

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    Yes, we offer short-term and long-term storage options in Viewbank for your convenience.

    Our removalist services are available in Viewbank seven days a week.

    Our removalist services in Viewbank are competitively priced and vary based on the size of the move and distance traveled.

    Our moving trucks in Viewbank vary in size depending on the size of the move and can accommodate small and large moves.

    Our cancellation policy for removalist services in Viewbank is flexible and can be discussed with our team.

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