Melbourne Movers – the benefits of calculating your move size

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Melbourne Movers – Calculating My Move Size.

When moving home its always an advantage to know the approximate volume of what you have to move. In this article we will outline: just why it’s so important to know your moving volume and some of the ways you can calculate the volume of your move. Now to start with volume for Melbourne Movers is calculated in cubic metres (m3). That is how much cubed space (length x width x height) your items will take up when safely loaded into the transporting vehicle. Keep in mind that internationally some countries (like the US) still work in cubic feet. If you need to convert just google it!

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Why is it important?

Well for many reasons. If your move is an interstate, or international move, you will typically be charged by the cubic

metre so it is essential for both you the moving customer and the removalist to know the overall volume of your move to calculate and agree on the price. It also assists interstate removalists and international transporters with their logistics as they may transport several customers items in the same vehicle or container. With an accurate volume figure they can maximize efficient use of their load space.

For local movers, who work on an hourly rate, knowing the approximate size of your move, helps them to: recommend the right resources (eg. size of truck and number of men), give you an accurate estimate of the likely time it would take to complete your move and assist with their own scheduling and timing.

For the customer knowing the cubic volume of your move, and then ensuring you have the correct resources on the day: avoids the stress of unwanted surprises, helps to keep within your budget and allows you to better coordinate other matters on the day of your move, like settlement, dropping the kids off or taking care of the pets.

How to work out – how much do I have?

There are many tried and true methods:

  • Contact your removals experts and ask to do an online inventory over the phone.
  • Ask for an onsite inspection by your trusted movers.
  • Contact your old removalist, do they have information about the size of your last move?
  • “Do it yourself with our handy online space calculator “What size truck do I need?

Remember to add items from every room in the house, plus the front & back yard, garage and any storage you may have.

We hope you have enjoyed this article, if you need a Melbourne mover you can trust to assist with giving open, friendly advice, be sure to call HomeMove on (03) 9077 3120.

Vlad Stoikovich,

Director – HomeMove Pty Ltd

Calculating your move size FAQs

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Yes, knowing the volume can help you avoid overbooking space, movers, or equipment. Also, it helps you declutter effectively, reducing the amount of stuff to be moved and potentially the cost.

Yes. If the movers have an accurate estimate of the volume of your items, they can better plan the loading and unloading process. This can make the move faster and more efficient.

Yes. The coverage required may depend on the volume and value of your belongings. By accurately estimating the volume, you can ensure that you’re appropriately insured.

Having a good understanding of your items’ volume can help you plan the unpacking process in your new home. You’ll have a clear idea of what items you have and where they can potentially be placed.

Yes, Melbourne Movers can provide an experienced estimator to assess the volume of your belongings, ensuring an accurate quote and efficient planning for your move.

You can calculate the volume by multiplying the length, width, and height of your items. For irregularly shaped or difficult to measure items, consider getting a professional estimate from your movers.

Movers usually base their quotes on the volume of items. By providing accurate information about your belongings, you can receive a more accurate quote and avoid unexpected costs.

Underestimating can lead to unexpected costs, lack of sufficient space in the moving vehicle, or insufficient manpower. Overestimating might result in you paying for space, services, or supplies you don’t need.

Knowing the volume of your belongings helps in determining the size of the moving vehicle required, the number of movers needed, and the time it will take. This information can help you budget accurately and can prevent delays on moving day.

Absolutely! Knowing the volume of your items will help you determine how many packing supplies you need, such as boxes, bubble wrap, and tape. This will prevent last-minute supply runs and help you pack more efficiently.

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