On-Demand Melbourne Storage in Central Location!

Our Melbourne Mobile Storage – a convenient alternative to self-storage!


HomeMove Removals & Storage offer to-your-door storage in and near Melbourne. We call it on-demand storage because we handle all the logistics and you don’t even have to leave home. On-demand is for you, if you don’t have the time or desire to haul your belongings to or from a self-storage unit.  HomeMove’s expert movers take the hassle out of storage.

Here is the process:

Bonus: that streamlined  process means there’s no double-handling, which saves you time and money!

Your stuff will feel at home, too.


You can expect a hassle-free storage experience, but, what’s in store for your belongings?  They may not have feelings (unless you’ve got stuffed teddy bears), but, with HomeMove they’re safe and we treat them like family.

  • All goods are stored in our industry-approved, individually sealed timber storage crates.
  • Short-term storage and long-term storage rental options available. In other words, stay as long as you need!
  • Monitored by 24-hour back-to-base security cameras.
  • Clean, modern and secure facilities.
  • Free blankets and wraps provided.
  • We’re flexible if and when you need to schedule holiday or long distance moves.

So, if you need a one stop storage solution in Melbourne, call our office for trusted and honest advise. Our experienced staff will guide you through the process, and share loads of handy tips, to make your move into storage a breeze.


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HomeMove Melbourne Storage warehouse, removalists loading mobile storage modules.