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On-Demand Melbourne Storage
in Central Location!

Our Melbourne Mobile Storage – a convenient alternative to self-storage!

HomeMove Removals & Storage offer to-your-door storage in and near Melbourne. We call it on-demand storage because we handle all the logistics and you don’t even have to leave home. On-demand is for you, if you don’t have the time or desire to haul your belongings to or from
a self-storage unit. HomeMove’s expert movers take the hassle out of storage.

Here is the process

  • You call HomeMove and relax.
  • We bring our sturdy and protective timber mobile storage modules to your door.
  • Our professional team, carefully loads the portable storage modules on-site.
  • We take away the modules and store them at our secure facility in Northcote.
  • We return your goods home when you need them. With HomeMove, the only thing you take out of storage is the hassle.
  • You’re still relaxing.

Bonus: that streamlined process means there’s no double-handling,
which saves you time and money!


  • Easy to organise
  • Redelivery to your door
  • Onsite access by appointment
  • Safe and secure


  • 24 hour monitored
  • Back to base alarm
  • Individually padlocked crates
  • Clean, modern facilities

Storange Staff

  • Forklift certified
  • Your goods are safely packed
  • Free blankets and covers
  • Expet movers guaranted

Your stuff will feel at home, too.

You can expect a hassle-free storage experience, but, what’s in store for your belongings? They may not have feelings (unless you’ve got stuffed teddy bears), but, with HomeMove they’re safe and we treat them like family.

  • Monitored by 24-hour back-to-base security cameras.
  • All goods are stored in our industry-approved, individually sealed timber storage crates.
  • Short-term storage and long-term storage rental options available. In other words, stay as long as you need!
  • Clean, modern and secure facilities.
  • We’re flexible if and when you need to schedule holiday or long distance moves.
  • Free blankets and wraps provided.

So, if you need a one stop storage solution in Melbourne, call our office for trusted and honest advise. Our experienced staff will guide you through the process, and share loads of handy tips, to make your move into storage a breeze.

Melbourne Storage FAQs

  • How much does storage cost in Melbourne?

    The cost of storage varies according to the size of the space and also the position of the storage (e.g. ground floor vs lift access).  The average cost of a storage unit in Melbourne is $150 per month.  HomeMove offers competitively priced storage units:

    10 Cubic Meters: $130 per month
    20 Cubic Meters: $260 per month
    30 Cubic Meters: $390 per month 

    Additionally, HomeMove offers our customers a one-stop storage solution: 

    • We bring our sturdy and protective storage modules to your home.
    • Our team carefully loads your belongings into the storage modules on-site.
    • We take the modules and to our secure facility in Northcote for storage.   
    • We’ll deliver your goods home when you are ready for them.
  • What size storage units are there in Melbourne?

    Storage units in Melbourne start at 9CM and can go all the way up to 40CM.
    HomeMove stores in 10CM modules. As long as we have capacity you can take as many modules as you like!

  • How much is a small storage unit Melbourne?

    The price of a small unit in Melbourne ranges from $105 to $140 monthly. 

  • How much is monthly storage in Melbourne?

    The average cost for monthly storage in Melbourne is $150 for a medium-sized unit.  Bear in mind that not all storage is created equal.  Self-storage prices will be a bit cheaper, but you get what you pay for: bare-bones storage with minimal security and support.

    HomeMove offers a full-service storage solution.  We come to your home, load your belongings into their modular units, and take them for storage at our secure warehouse, which is monitored 24/7 with a back-to-base alarm system.  When you want your belongings back, HomeMove will deliver them to you.   Here is an overview of our competitively priced units:

    10 Cubic Meters: $130 per month
    20 Cubic Meters: $260 per month
    30 Cubic Meters: $390 per month 

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