Moving in the Rain

Moving on a rainy day?

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There isn’t much that you can do if the heavens decide to open up on move day, but there are a few precautions you can take to help things run smoothly. This article will go through some of the best ways to keep your items dry, your floors free from mud, and most importantly, keep costs down! Rain will slow your movers down but there are ways to mitigate the problems that it causes.

Obviously the biggest concern is how you can keep furniture and your belongings dry while they are being transported. The best way to do this is to either use furniture protectors or plastic wrap. Check the weather forecast the day before the move and if it looks like rain call your removalists! Make sure they can provide things like plastic wrap and furniture protectors for you on the day. It’s a good idea to ask these questions when booking anyway, as a reputable removalists service should be able to provide them.

The next problem is protecting your floors from mud, dirt and moisture while the move is taking place. You shouldn’t have to ask your mover to do this but just in case make sure there is a blanket down at the entranceway. Any good Removalists will do this without thinking and will usually lay out a few blankets to be doubly sure that your home is protected.

Inevitably the rain will make the day run a little slower than usual but you can help the movers get it done faster. If you feel capable offer to plastic wrap the items yourself while the movers take other items.  This means they spend more time doing your heavy lifting rather than wrapping your items.You can also use bin liners to cover the boxes as they are take to and from the truck. If there are items that aren’t too heavy you can ask the movers to place it near the entranceway and then move the item to where you would like it, almost like a production line. If you have a garage where items can be stacked that’s even better. If the movers can take items to the garage and you move them inside it will save time and make sure that people with dry shoes stay inside and the movers with wet shoes stay outside.

These are just a few quick ways that you can make a move on a rainy day a little easier. I think its important to mention that there is never a perfect day to move with each day giving us different challenges to overcome. Even if you aren’t booking with us make sure you go through different scenarios with your Mover of choice to make sure they have the experience to move you right! If you would like to hear about how our experience can make your move easier feel free to call on (03) 9077 3120 alternatively have a read of to get a feel for how your move should run.

Moving on a rainy day FAQs

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Electronics and valuable papers should not be moved in the rain if at all possible. If they must be moved, ensure they are well-protected with waterproof containers or coverings.

Take it slow, be mindful of slippery surfaces, and make sure everyone wears appropriate footwear. Also, provide plenty of towels for drying off and cleaning up.

Keep the truck’s door closed as much as possible, and consider laying down towels or tarps inside to absorb any water that does get in. Be sure to dry off items as much as possible before loading them into the truck.

Cover furniture with plastic wrap or heavy-duty tarps. Pay special attention to wooden and upholstered items, which can be easily damaged by water.

Lay down plastic sheeting, tarps, or old towels to protect the floors. You can also use cardboard, but be aware that it can get slippery when wet.

If the forecast indicates severe weather, it might be safer and more practical to postpone the move. However, light to moderate rain shouldn’t be a problem with the right preparations.

Try to park the truck as close to your home as possible to minimize exposure to the rain. Use a covered walkway or improvised canopy, if possible.

If any items get wet, dry them as soon as possible to prevent damage or mold growth. Use towels or a hair dryer for quick drying, and consider using a dehumidifier for more thorough drying.

Wear waterproof clothing and sturdy, non-slip shoes. Consider using gloves to maintain a good grip on items even when they’re wet.

Use waterproof packing materials where possible, such as plastic bins or bags. Cover cardboard boxes with plastic wrap or tarps.


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    1. hi! I am moving from Brunswick to Castlemaine in late may. I am in a 2 bedroom unit ground floor and am moving to another 2 bedroom villa. I have 19 cubic metres to move. cost? also if a backload cost is cheaper? thanks, Fiona

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