HomeMove Removalists! – Should a business go paperless with field management software?

January 21st, 2016

HomeMove Removalists – Ipads

Our HomeMove Removalists are now equipped with Ipads and a shinny new database system to propel our business forward. We wont quite be a paperless office, but, we will be a step closer which is great for the environment and the sanity of those who do our weekly paperwork.

HomeMove has taken Aroflo a CRM and field management solution (typically used by trades) and customised it for the transport, removals and storage work that we do.

Our new integrated system, will provide real time mobile data exchange between our office and our furniture removalists, gps tracking, and automated sms and emailing, signature capture and many other fandangled goodies. This all means our HomeMove removalists will be more efficient and our home removals customers better informed.

It also means we get real time data as well as accurate and timely information about our jobs. We then dissect and analyse this data to improve every aspect of our service and business – from operations and sales, to customer service and of course the skill and efficiency of the way we work.

Our Ipads have come in handy in more ways than just use of field management software. Our HomeMove removalists are also taking advantage of everyday apps like Google maps, which has been a great for routing and driving, especially for those times when traditional GPS’s tend to lead you astray.

We have even designed our very own HomeMove Heroes Ipad App, to be released over the next few weeks. Our App, affectionately dubbed “Time Matrix Converter” makes it easy to calculate all those tricky factors on a removals job from, on the job time, travel time and of course fuel levy. This just means our billing if fast and accurate, with less mistakes.

We definitely recommend the switch to electronic devices for any company that is still using pen and paper. Do a little research beforehand and analyse the costs. But we are certain once you get started, like HomeMove you will never look back!