USED – Portarobe Box


Our garment box is designed for optimal clothing transportation, featuring an integrated metal rail that accommodates up to 25 hangers without causing creases. With a robust double-wall structure, it can support up to 60 kg and has external dimensions of 612 x 522 x 1370 mm. The box comes with clear printed instructions for easy assembly, and its innovative automatic design eliminates the requirement for tape or a separate lid.


Efficient and Secure Garment Transport for Pre-Owned Boxes
Opt for our used garment box to ensure your clothing remains in good condition during transit, even though it may have some superficial flaws. While the box has been previously used, it’s still designed to keep your attire free from creases, saving you from ironing post-move. The integrated metal rail allows for easy hanging, and despite its prior use, our boxes are designed to be transported upright for convenience.

Key Features and Specifications of Our Pre-Owned Box
Our previously-owned garment box still boasts a sturdy metal rail, capable of holding up to 25 hangers, ensuring your clothes remain hung during transit. It has a weight capacity of 60 kg with internal dimensions of 600 x 510 x 1350 mm. Externally, it measures 612 x 522 x 1370 mm. Even with its prior use, the built-in handle cut-outs make carrying straightforward. Constructed with premium double-wall quality (2.6 BC wave), this box, despite its used condition, remains durable.

Simple Set-Up for Your Automatic Used Garment Box
Setting up your pre-owned garment transport box is uncomplicated, with instructions still clearly printed on the box. The Portarobe Box is fully automatic, ensuring you won’t need tape or an additional lid, even with its previous use.

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