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Removalist Trolleys – What equipment should I expect from my Melbourne removals team to bring along?

In the removals industry there is nothing worse than an ill equipped team of home movers. Having adequate and professional equipment is essential to any house move running smoothly. The right trolleys in particular, save time, assist in moving items safely and are kind on furniture removalists backs. To lug everything by hand can be hard slog!

Local Melbourne Removalists typically come equipped with 3 kinds of furniture moving trolleys:
1. The Hand Truck/Upright Trolley/Fridge Trolley: Consisting of an L shaped frame and 2x wheels, these removals trolleys are essential for shifting everything from Boxes to fridges. Why carry one box at a time if you can fit 3 or 4 on a trolley. Even better they can be conveniently moved up and off removals trucks with most removals ramps or tailgate lifters
2. The Flat Trolley/Dolly/Skateboard: A flat squarish, piece of wood, with rubber top for grip and padding and 4x independent plastic/rubber wheels underneath. Excellent for flat terrain, such as office moves, furniture moves with lifts etc. But no good at going down stairs.
3. Piano Trolley: The tank of removals trolleys! 4 fixed pneumatic or solid rubber wheels on a heavy steel frame!. It needs to be a beast to move pianos, pianolas, and pool tables.

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