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Furniture removals equipment. Which gear should professional movers bring on the day?

Furniture Removals Equipment

Having the right furniture removals equipment is essential to achieving a safe and efficient move. There is nothing worse than an ill equipped team of home movers.  In this blog we will look exactly which equipment is needed. We’ll also examine why it’s so important to have the right furniture removals equipment.

Types of Furniture Removals Equipment


Broadly speaking removalists require gear to assist with 3 categories of your move:

  1. Lifting equipment: This includes any gear that will assist your Melbourne movers to safely and efficiently transport your belongings. This includes:
    1. Upright trolleys or Hand Trolleys: an L shaped frame, great for moving boxes and fridges over most terrain.
    2. Dolly’s/Flat trolleys: a flat square skateboard like trolley with 4 wheels. Great for boxes and offices moves. Works best on smooth ground, not for stairs.
    3. Arm forks or lifting straps: These assist your movers to lift larger, heavier and awkward items. It transfers weight of the load away from their backs.
    4. Piano Trolleys: Otherwise known as the samson. Bulky metal trolleys with large wheels, ensure your piano is moved with precision and care. Curious as to how it is done? Check out this link.
  2. Equipment for loading and access: This includes:
    1. Door Stops: This tiny piece of plastic can save a lot of headaches and time!
    2. Ramps: Truck ramps  ensure movers can load your furniture quickly. They can also be placed on stairs or slopes. This makes it easier to move heavier items to and from the furniture removals truck.
    3. Hydraulic Tailgate lift: Excellent for moving heavy items. This includes pianos, pool tables and double door fridges. It also helps save your movers back.
  3. Equipment to protect furniture: Moving and transporting furniture and keeping it in pristine condition can be an art in itself. Having the right equipment is just as important as the having the right skill and knowledge. So what equipment should a professional mover possess.
    1. Blankets/Pads: Modern quilted removals blankets are designed to be, light enough to handle yet, padded to provide security for fragile items. They are also dust-free, and durable.
    2. Furniture Ties/Straps: Nylon ties to secure your furniture to tie rails in the transport vehicle. This prevents movement and keeps the load secure when cornering or traveling on inclines.

Why is the right removals equipment so important?

Having the right removalist gear makes life easier for you and your removalists. For your movers it helps, protect their bodies and backs, and makes their job easier and vastly more enjoyable. For you the customer it means your furniture move is completed more efficiently and safely and in less time.

In the end this saves you the stress and puts more money back into your pocket. We always recommend that you quiz your chosen mover at the time of booking. This way you can ensure they have the furniture removals equipment to complete your job.

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