Removalists in Melbourne – Surviving the Christmas Rush!

January 21st, 2016

Removalists in Melbourne – staying on track at Christmas time

The famous Christmas rush, yes everyone wants to move home the week before Christmas. For teams of removalists in Melbourne it can be a crazy time. Here are some of our strategies to ensure smooth Christmas home moves.

1. Prepare your removals team for the silly season – give movers plenty of notice that it’s going to get busy, make sure you have a few more staff trained in the art of removals before the action starts!

2. Try not to over book – as a removalist it can be tempting to jam pack your calendar with so many enquiries flowing in. However, this can have adverse flow on effects: too many big – long removals days will wear out your removals team, and will probably mean you are running late to a lot of jobs. Weigh up the pros and cons, potential disgruntled

3. Be prepared for last minute changes – your clients can through you many curve balls this time of  year. Settlements falling through and builders running behind will usually mean last minute changes to your removals schedule. Be prepared to come up with some creative logistics and staffing solutions to keep everyone happy!

4. Make sure you have a removals company Christmas bash – a great team always needs to let their hair down! It’s also a good opportunity to swap removals war stories…”do you remember the time I single handedly lifted that Grand Piano up 3 flights of stairs”. Yes some will be prone to hyperbole after a fphoto of our removalists in melbourne after a big jobew ales!

So if you own or operate a team of removalists in Melbourne remember to get prepared well in advance for this coming festive season. Lastly remember to take care of your team during the long hot days of summer, have drinks on hand, incentives and be sure to tell them you appreciate their efforts!