Toorak Removalists up to the Task

We can’t think of a finer Melbourne suburb than Toorak – or a place where moving heavy objects while minding the more delicate ones could feel like less of a “job.”  HomeMove gladly do removals in Toorak often.  Though we’re simple blokes, we can’t help but be stunned by the homes and their architecture every time.  Whether you live on a grand old family estate or in a charming Art Deco low-rise apartment, your home is of a piece with the famed Toorak House.

Your Toorak home likely has details that the typical removalist won’t even notice until he has broken it off and tried to reattach it with chewing gum.

By the same token that HomeMove notice and (very briefly) stop to admire the details of your home between trips in and out, we’re also the removalists most likely to pull off an incident-free move and leave everything in your home exactly the way we found it.  We’re the gentle giants of the removals world.  (It doesn’t hurt that we can refuel at Toorak’s great delis, with their fresh produce – a welcomed change from the service-station fare we’re often stuck with.  Well-fed movers are careful and friendly movers.)

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