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Attending university in Melbourne is exciting, but it’s also challenging – from the academics to the housing logistics. A “budget” removalist can miss your deadlines, run late, drag out your move, damage or lose your goods, create more stress for you, and end up costing more money one way or another.

Call HomeMove. We wrote the book on low-stress, efficient, fast moves in and around Melbourne. We’re used to moving students in and out of sharehouses and dormitories of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need us to come by and pack up everything, or “just take the big stuff,” you’ve found the movers who can get it done smoothly and quickly.

Because we don’t assume you’ve hired many movers yet, we don’t assume you know all the ins and outs. That’s OK – we handle the details so you don’t have to, and we’ll walk you through the few steps that take a little teamwork. (By the way, you can rest easy if you’re a parent who’s organizing your student’s move; we’ll work out all the details with you so moving day is effortless for the student in your life.)

We’ve served students attending every university in Melbourne, including:

  • University of Melbourne
  • Deakin University
  • Monash University
  • RMIT University
  • Swinburne University of Technology
  • Federation University
  • La Trobe University
  • Victoria University
  • Australian Catholic University

We also offer storage. Because there’s high demand for housing in Melbourne, you might find yourself living in temporary housing while you search for a place to live. That’s why, for instance, The University of Melbourne, recommends arriving in the city at least a month prior to student orientation so you have time to find a place. Those temporary options won’t always accommodate your things, which is one reason we offer storage.

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Our flexible storage solutions are especially useful if you’re an international student who would like to return home over the summer, but keep your things secure here in Melbourne.

HomeMove will handle all aspects of your uni move: we’ll pack up your things, pick them up, and keep them safe for you if you need us to.

It’s with pride we say we’re the most predictable, “boring” movers in Melbourne. With HomeMove you can save the excitement for the fun stuff: living in Melbourne, digging into your classes, and meeting new people. Call us for the smoothest uni move.

P.S. Before you know it, you’ll graduate, get your first job, and the place that served you so well as a student won’t be suitable any longer. We want your move with HomeMove to be so effortless and pleasant that you’d rather call us than any helpful friends. We’re your movers for life.

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