What about insurance?

December 11th, 2017

This is an incredibly common question and its certainly an important one. This article will quickly go over a few small things that can make a big difference to your hip pocket if something does go wrong. Ill briefly explain what public liability insurance and transit insurance covers and why you should be wary of any company that says they’re “fully insured”. Obviously I can’t go into absolutely everything about insurance but I should be able to arm you with a bit of knowledge for your next move!

1.The best way to get covered for your move is through your home and contents insurance. Not every policy includes moving insurance but the majority do, the catch is they have to be activated. If this is an option for your move, take it. It means that you have your own insurance policy rather than one held by the company.

2.The most commonly held insurance policies are public liability and transit insurance. Removalists are required to hold these insurance policies but they are in no way comprehensive or “fully covered”. The Public liability insurance should cover major damage to your home, e.g. the truck backed into your house and took out some guttering. Transit insurance will cover your belongings while they’re in transit but if at the other end if one of the movers tripped and dropped your tv, if it was off the truck it would no longer be considered in transit and not covered.

3.Quality removalists will have something similar to our pledge of care. They aren’t insurance policies but they do give a good indication of the level of service provided. It should be a clear written guarantee that you can have a copy of. We know that we can offer to repair or replace any damage caused by our negligence because we know that we have quality staff. If we weren’t able to live up to that pledge we would’ve gone bust a long time ago!

These are just some quick major points to consider when considering removals insurance, if you’d like to read further check out this article and as always if you need any guidance about your upcoming move feel free to call!