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Whats the best size removalist truck for your job?

Last Updated on June 1, 2023 by Vlad Stoikovich

Removalist Trucks

Well, it all depends. From small vans to massive semi-trailers, moving vehicles come in all shapes and sizes. Each has its own pros and cons!

Removalist Vans

Removalist vans are nimble and good for getting into tight spaces, and small driveways and quick to load when you only have a few items of furniture to move. However, on the downside, they are limited to about 11 to 15 cubic metres in size, which really only makes them good for transporting a few items, 1 bedroom or 1 bedroom apartments. When it comes to securing a load it can also be more challenging to place and tie down furniture as most vans have slightly rounded sidewalls and are limited in height.

10 Tonne Trucks

Larger 10-tonne trucks are suitable when moving furniture in 3 and 4-bedroom homes. They are also easier to pack with a generous square space with ample tie rails. Their height, typically 2.4 metres to 2.7 meters, also means they can accommodate taller shelving and couches which may not stand up in smaller modes of transport.

On the flip side, their length and height can restrict access, especially in low tree-lined streets or where parking is at a premium. The furniture removalists may have to walk some distance, or on a bad day may not find a park at all. Don’t lose heart they can always use a smaller vehicle as a ferry or shuttle.

4 Tonne Trucks

In between, we have the 4 tonners, affectionately also known as “pie carts”. These are a good compromise between volume and accessibility, but, you may have difficulties transporting large 4-seater couches. how much can they hold? As a rough rule of thumb, a 4-tonne removalist truck can transport the furniture of most 2-bedroom apartments and smaller 2-bedroom homes.

Comparing removals vehicles

Most importantly when comparing different truck sizes always compare in terms of cubic metres NOT truck tonnage.

When talking in terms of tonnes, things can get very confusing in the removals world as tonnage can refer to different things such as:

– Gross vehicle Mass which is the weight of the vehicle plus its carrying capacity or

– Tare weight,  just the weight of the vehicle.

Furthermore, two removals trucks of the same tonnage could be very different in their volume (carrying capacity). We recommend you ask your movers, how many cubic metres is your removalist truck? Talking in cubic volume is a better reflection of how much of your furniture can be transported, and dimensions are always easier to visualise.

What Size Truck do I need?

Well… if you want a 100% accurate truck size…. use our “What size truck do I need?” moving calculator!

The best size removalist truck for your job FAQs

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Yes, items like pianos, pool tables, or particularly valuable items might require special handling, equipment, or even a specific type of truck. Always inform the removalist company about such items.

While you can make an educated guess, it’s best to rely on the expertise of the removalist company. They have experience gauging the right truck size based on an inventory of items, reducing the risk of space-related issues on moving day.

Yes, the more furniture you have, especially bulky items, the larger the truck you’ll need. Providing an accurate inventory to the removalist company can help them suggest the right truck size.

The size of the truck needed largely depends on the volume of items you need to move. Professional removalist companies often offer different truck sizes and can guide you based on the inventory of your goods.

Larger trucks are typically more expensive to hire. However, if a smaller truck requires multiple trips, it could end up being more time-consuming and costly.

It can be a good idea to have a bit of extra space, especially for bulky or awkward items. However, too much extra space can cause items to shift during transit, so it’s a balance.

In this case, a second trip may be necessary, or the removalist company might send another truck if one is available. This could increase the cost, so it’s important to provide an accurate inventory beforehand

For larger homes (four or more bedrooms) or office moves, you might need a large truck (10-12 tonnes or more). Always discuss your specific needs with the removalist company.

Generally, a smaller truck (around 3-4 tonnes) is enough for a one-bedroom apartment, but this can vary based on the amount and size of your belongings.

A medium-sized truck (around 6-8 tonnes) is typically sufficient for a two or three-bedroom house, again depending on the volume of your belongings.


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