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Why your HomeMove is more than just two men in a truck

Good office support helps to anticipate possible problems and solve them before you even realise. Conversations with sales staff should be less about sales and more about knowledge. The team in the office should be asking you the kinds of questions that make you say, “oh, I hadn’t even thought of that”.

   Its a great sign when the office staff are knowledgeable because not only does it tell you that they are a reputable company but it also tells you that the office and truck staff communicate well. Good communication between the teams means that if something does go wrong it can be easily solved. It also means that the quotes can be considered more trustworthy. If all staff are communicating well it creates a vast pool of experience and knowledge that combines to make your move safer and faster, which ultimately safes you money!

   Quick quotes that estimate the total cost and overall time of the move must be taken at face value. If the sales staff have not gone through an inventory or asked you questions about access and how well furnished the house is, the quote may not be very accurate. Companies that quote quickly tend to over promise and under deliver. Removals is filled with variables that can significantly affect the bottom line, so be sure to take the time to go through the details of your move over the phone or organise an in home inspection. The last thing you want is a nasty shock when it is time to pay the bill.

   Sales staff here at HomeMove work on both the trucks and in the office. We believe that the real world experience makes our staff vastly more knowledgeable about the challenges that pop up on any given move day. By spending the time to understand the challenges that our removalists face on the truck we can offer even better customer service to our clients. On the other side of that coin, our senior removals staff have regular meetings with the office to give feedback on how well quoted their jobs were. This way we immediately identify problems in our quoting process and are constantly able to improve.

   Our commitment to being a full service mover goes to the very core of who we are as a company. We endeavour to cover all of the possibilities so that our customers don’t have to. Each member of our team loves the satisfaction of a smooth easy and efficient move. Each of us gets a kick out of seeing a happy family moved into their dream home or a young professional who is moving out of a share house into their first apartment. These are pivotal and transitional moments in peoples lives and we get to share these moments with them. Chances are it has been a stressful and long slog of planning and preparation to get to this point. So if we can be the ones to end that process with a smile, we’re smiling. We understand the challenges each facet of our operation face so that we can better understand and anticipate your needs.

   That’s the big difference quality office staff can make to your move. You probably won’t ever get to see them but behind the scenes they’re keeping the whole show on the road. So call HomeMove today and speak to our friendly and knowledgeable office staff for an obligation free quote.

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