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HomeMove are the Business to Business removalists you can count on!

When choosing future business partners, it’s just as important to understand WHY they are in business as to understand WHAT they provide.

HomeMove came into existence in 2008 when Owner/Director Vlad Stoikovich noticed a niche in the market during his experience as a removalist and a manager. Working in the removals industry for over 5 years, he realised that the small-medium businesses were receiving a poor service all around. These businesses were stuck between choosing: expensive high-end logistics companies and unprofessional, unreliable small providers, who tarnished their brand.

How can HomeMove help your business thrive?

HomeMove addresses all these challenges by offering:

  • A team of professionally trained and highly skilled business removalists with years of experience under their belt;
  • Innovative systems enabling us to manage logistics on the go, using fully integrated IPADs on trucks;
  • A sizable fleet of medium to large trucks and vans, catering to all size moves;
  • proven experience in managing all kinds of moves: from large residential jobs to transport solutions for high-end cabinet makers and property stylists;
  • Competitive pricing, with big discounts on our usual rates for regular customers.


Over the last 10 years our business removals team has been busy supporting Melbourne businesses owners. We’re proud to say their success is our success. So if you need help with stock transport, to moving office or customer deliveries, reach out to our team today!

Benefits of working with HomeMove!

  • Value for money, trade discounts.
  • Spend more time growing your business.
  • A dependable long-term transport partner.
  • A range of services: Packing, Storage and Transport


Over 6 years our journey has seen HomeMove grow from 1 man with a truck (and a vision) into a sophisticated business featuring as a major co-sponsor of the National Home Staging Symposium 2020.

We are seeking more long-term business partners who share our values. We look forward to discussing how HomeMove business removalists can:

  • enhance the service you provide to your customers and
  • reduce your transport costs.

Transport for Property Stylists and Real Estate Agents

What if everyone of your Home Staging jobs was a ‘Blank Canvas’?

And if you had a trained, dedicated, specialist, relocation resource at your disposal?

Ask about our unique “Pre-styling” innovation.

Our One Stop Solution: De-cluttering, Packing, Storage and Relocation.

Property Stylists – Cabinet Makers – Interior Designers – High end furniture makers – Retail deliveries – Restoration and Cleaning – Insurance – Builders & Developers – Real Estate Agents – Event Hire – Aged Care – Education Providers.

Whether you need business removalists for regular transport runs or someone you can recommend to your valued customers with confidence, HomeMove is the right choice!

Business Removalists FAQs

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Yes, some companies like HomeMove offer competitive pricing with big discounts for regular customers.

Yes, HomeMove has proven experience in managing all kinds of moves, from large residential jobs to business transport solutions.

Yes, HomeMove supports regular transport runs for businesses.

Yes, HomeMove caters to a wide range of businesses including property stylists, cabinet makers, interior designers, high-end furniture makers, real estate agents, event hire, aged care, education providers, and many more.

Yes, HomeMove has built a reputation for its professionalism and reliability, making it a removalist company you can recommend to your valued customers with confidence.

Yes, HomeMove offers a one-stop solution for business removals including decluttering, packing, storage, and relocation.

Yes, HomeMove provides transport solutions tailored to the needs of property stylists and real estate agents.

Working with a reliable and efficient removalist company like HomeMove that offers competitive pricing can help reduce your transport costs.

Working with a reliable removalist like HomeMove allows you to spend more time growing your business, it provides value for money, trade discounts and a dependable long-term transport partner.

Having a long-term transport partner like HomeMove can enhance the service you provide to your customers, reduce your transport costs, and provide a dependable solution for your transport needs.

Look for companies that offer professionally trained and skilled removalists, innovative systems for on-the-go logistics management, a sizable fleet of trucks and vans for all size moves, and competitive pricing. HomeMove provides all these.

A good business removalist company will offer a range of services including packing, storage, and transport. HomeMove offers these services.

HomeMove offers a unique “Pre-styling” innovation for home staging jobs, providing decluttering, packing, storage, and relocation as a comprehensive solution.

HomeMove is a specialist in business to business removal services in Melbourne, providing reliable and professional services.

HomeMove provides reliable transport solutions tailored to the needs of high-end cabinet makers and property stylists.

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