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You work hard and agonize over many details to help your clients get their properties sold faster. You spend hours choosing the right furniture and amenities – both to complement the property and to appeal to the buyers.

Styling a property takes dedication, planning, and a reliable moving company that’s as detail-oriented as you are. HomeMove is that company.

We’ve worked with Melbourne property stylists for over 9 years. We’ve worked with Australia-wide styling companies, with mums working from small storage sheds, and all stylists in-between.

We know your concerns and needs:

  • You want movers who can get your items to and from your warehouse with a minimum of fuss, which is especially important if you manage your own inventory. They need to hit your deadlines.
  • You want movers who won’t break or lose items, causing you to scramble for replacements. Your moving company shouldn’t add to your expenses.
  • You want movers you don’t need to micromanage. You should be able to say what you wantonceand know it will be done.
  • You want movers who know how their work affects your work. That requires experience on the part of the moving company. We are the preferred regular transporter for over a dozen stylists around Melbourne. We work with property stylists nearly every day. HomeMovers are so familiar with the work that they style homes on their own.
  • You want movers who know your industry. HomeMove have sponsored the National Homestaging Symposium in for over 3 years (and running), and in our daily work for stylists have made many good-to-know contacts in the styling industry.
  • You want a partner. Complementary services we offer include artwork hanging, balcony lifts, warehouse reorganizing, pre-styling, same-day decluttering, packing, and tending to your customers’ excess furniture. We’re removalists first and foremost, but we’re also your logistics consultants. We’d like to help you grow your business in every way possible, partly because that helps our business grow as well.

The time you spend micromanaging “budget” removalists is time you could spend finding new clients, adding to your inventory, or figuring out new ways to “wow” your clients and prospective buyers.

Deadlines are tight, and emotions run high. Events like getting a new client and trying to sell a house are exciting and dramatic enough, without any drama added by your moving company. HomeMove are the least-“exciting” movers in Melbourne, in that we’re always on time, always courteous, and always professional. We get everything placed exactly where you need it, and then we get out of the way.

On the big day – when the home sells – we’ll get your inventory back to your warehouse so it’s ready to go for your next client.

Contact HomeMove for the smoothest moving assistance you and your clients can get.

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