Fitzroy Removalists up to the Task

Removalists & Storage in Fitzroy

I remember my first shared house in Melbourne, the infamous Kerr Street Fitzroy. Even though it symbolized freedom (at least from my parents!), it was a rundown Victorian terrace just across the road from The Evelyn Hotel. It was chock full of travelers and artists, and was overseen by a killjoy landlord. It was the kind of home where a novel might be set or a movie filmed.

Most homes and apartments in Fitzroy have a memorable setting as well. Not only because of their place in Melbourne’s art scene and culture, but also because so many of them are in tricky spots! My long-ago move into Kerr Street – with its narrow terrace stairways – turned out to be excellent removalist training for the many removals jobs HomeMove has done in Fitzroy since 2008. We’ve mastered manouvring in areas with tight access, as well as balcony lifts.

Whereas many who visit Fitzroy find inspiration in the museums and streets and coffee shops, as removalists we find inspiration in twists and turns of Fitzroy and how it forces us to think outside the box. For a hassle-free move by removalists who can handle Fitzroy, call us on (03) 9077 3120 or enquire online.