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Fitzroy to North Melbourne

1 bedroom unit move done from Fitzroy to North Melbourne.
Items include queen size mattress, washing machine & dryer, large coffee table, medium table, small table, cabinet, tall narrow drawers, 2x wooden file boxes, antique wooden day bed, 3x bar stools, 3x chairs, 12x packed boxes and a bicycle + chest.
4 tonne truck, move done on a Friday with 3.50 hours total.

Friday 17/12/2021
Danie S.
Fitzroy to Fitzroy North

4 bedroom home lightly furnished move from Fitzroy to Fitzroy North
The client will move the small items using his van. Items include 2x queen bed (mattress + base), 4x tall boy, dining table + 6x chairs, L shaped sofa (2 bits), 8 armchairs, kitchen table, washer, dryer, fridge, sewing machine table, 5x book cases, small wardrobe, and 30 – 50 boxes.
10 tonne truck, move done on a Tuesday with 7 hours total.

Tuesday 7/12/2021
Ian R.
Fitzroy to Collingwood

Move from share house to 1 bedroom apartment with lift.
Take 3 portarobes, no white goods, largest items are bed, couch, tv, books and outdoor plants.
4 tonne truck, move done on a Friday with 4 hours total.

Friday 27/08/2021
Megan E.
FitzRoy to Armadale

3 bedroom home move with packing on the first day with 2 heroes,
2nd day was the actual move with several items picked up from the nanny in Fitzroy before proceeding to the new home in Armadale,
10 tonne truck + 4 tonne truck, 3.50 hours packing on the first day and 6 hours on the actual move.
Move done on a Saturday.

Saturday 1/06/2019
Michaela D.
Fitzroy to Kensington

Loaded 2 bedroom house onto 4 tonne truck in Fitzroy on Tuesday.
Total loading and unloading time was 4 hrs, while travel time was only 18 minutes over 4.5klms.
Successfully delivered load to Kensington without any damages or issues.

Tuesday 29/04/2023
Fitzroy to Richmond

-Loaded a 1-bedroom apartment from storage in Fitzroy onto a 4-tonne truck on a Tuesday.
-Travelled 4.5km from Fitzroy to Richmond in 12 minutes.
-Total loading and unloading time was 4 hours.

Tuesday 26/04/2023
Fitzroy to Mont Albert North

-Loaded 4 bedroom house onto 10 tonne truck in Fitzroy at 8am on Friday from storage.
-Travelled 11.5kms in 19 minutes to Mont Albert North.
-Unloaded truck at destination by 6pm, total loading and unloading time of 7 hours.

Friday 15/04/2023
Fitzroy to St Kilda

Loaded a 5 bedroom house onto a 10-tonne truck in Fitzroy.
Drove the truck for 13.5 minutes over 7.5klms to St Kilda.
Unloaded the house in 10hrs, completing the move on a Friday.

Friday 18/04/2023
Fitzroy to St Kilda East

Loaded a 5 bedroom house onto a 10 tonne truck in Fitzroy on Wednesday.
Drove the truck 7klms to St Kilda East in 14 minutes.
Unloaded the house in St Kilda East, taking a total of 7 hours.

Wednesday 3/03/2023
Fitzroy to Spotswood

Loaded a 4 bedroom apartment onto a 10 tonne truck in Fitzroy on Friday.
Took 7 hours to load and unload the truck.
Drove 10km to Spotswood in 27 minutes.

Friday 4/02/2023
Fitzroy to St Kilda West

Loaded a 4 bedroom apartment in Fitzroy onto a 10 tonne truck on Saturday.
Drove the truck for 16 minutes over 8klms to St Kilda West.
Unloaded the truck in St Kilda West, taking a total of 7 hours for loading and unloading.

Saturday 6/03/2023
Fitzroy to Armadale North

Loaded a 4 bedroom apartment from Fitzroy into a 10 tonne truck.
Drove the load for 24 minutes over a distance of 21klms to Armadale North.
Unloaded the load in Armadale North, taking a total of 7 hours for the entire move.

Monday 13/04/2023
Fitzroy to Healesville

Loaded a 10 tonne truck with a 3 bedroom house in Fitzroy.
Transported the load from storage to Healesville on a Monday.
Loading and unloading took 10 hrs, while travel time was 94.5 minutes over a distance of 63klms.

Monday 22/02/2023

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    About Fitzroy

    A Thrilling Area Full of Energy

    Fitzroy is a vibrant and lively area that offers a bohemian feel and attracts young people who are either studying in the local area or working in the city. The bars and restaurants in the area are buzzing with locals and visitors who flock to Brunswick Street after-hours. This street offers a range of trendy cafes, beer halls, and bars that are filled with young people. Additionally, Fitzroy is home to independent stores such as vinyl stores and quirky bookstores, making it a popular destination for those seeking a unique shopping experience.

    Vibrant Backstreets and Independent Shops

    The backstreets of Fitzroy are full of colorful street art and offer a bustling and independent feel. Gertrude Street is a popular area that offers unique eateries and wine bars, as well as art and design stores that attract both locals and visitors. Johnston Street is another popular destination for those seeking a quieter street to explore. Additionally, the Rose Street Artists Market is a must-visit for those interested in art and culture. Fitzroy also boasts some more traditional pubs and coffee shops, making it a diverse and exciting area to explore.

    Historic Architecture and Excellent Transportation

    Fitzroy offers Victorian-style properties that are well-maintained, with many double and single-storey terraced housing where locals have lived for many years. The area also boasts beautiful terrace gardens that have been kept well-maintained by long-time residents. In recent years, there have been several warehouse conversions, and young professionals are now living in these beautiful complexes. Transportation in the area is excellent, with just a tram ride enabling locals to easily get to the north or south, and city workers love being able to walk into the heart of the city. Overall, Fitzroy is bursting with charm and character and is the perfect place for urban living.

    September 7, 2023

    The guys were fantastic. Extremely efficient. They handled my belongings with great care and were incredibly helpful.

    September 7, 2023

    I've used HomeMove three times now and each time they've been fantastic. Daniel and Phil, who moved me this time, did an excellent job and were great to talk to. Highly recommended!

    September 7, 2023

    We had the pleasure of working with Pascal and Marcel from Team HomeMove - two awesome dudes! They did a great job - professional and efficient. We'd like to thank Vlad and the rest of the Team HomeMove team for their help. :-)

    June 28, 2018

    John from the booking department went the extra mile to secure me two trucks when I realised I needed a larger one. He kept me informed throughout the process and was very reassuring!

    January 20, 2018

    Jacob and Phil were truly wonderful despite the rather difficult situation (the lifts were out of service for 2 hours) and they handled it with such poise. They were incredibly kind and had a great attitude, and their communication was excellent - I am so grateful.

    September 20, 2014

    Outstanding service and value. Much appreciation to Risto and Mark.

    April 29, 2014

    The guys arrived ahead of schedule, were incredibly amiable and accommodating, and most importantly, worked quickly and efficiently. I wouldn't think twice about recommending this service to others; it really made the whole move a breeze.

    May 10, 2012

    The team from HomeMove were incredible! They arrived on time, handled everything with care, were incredibly friendly and worked quickly - true professionals! They had my new office relocated in no time and nothing was damaged - simply fantastic!

    FITZROY Removalist Rates

    4.4 Tonne Truck
    (3 Tonne. Tare)

    No. of MoversWeekday RateSaturday RateSunday Rate
    2 Men $203 p/h $220 p/h $239 p/h
    3 Men $266 p/h $304 p/h $313 p/h

    approx. 21 to 22 cubic metres


    just a few items, most 2 bedroom home furniture removals or apartments, small office removals.

    10.4 Tonne Truck
    (6 Tonne. Tare)

    No. of MoversWeekday RateSaturday RateSunday Rate
    2 Men $226 p/h $252 p/h $275 p/h
    3 Men $284 p/h $319 p/h $349 p/h

    approx. 36 to 47 cubic metres


    most 3 or 4 bedroom homes or apartments, medium to large offices, warehouses.

    Fitzroy FAQs

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    Yes, HomeMove provides furniture disassembly and reassembly services in Fitzroy for an additional fee.

    Yes, HomeMove provides packing services in Fitzroy for an additional fee.

    Yes, HomeMove provides storage solutions in Fitzroy for an additional fee.

    HomeMove has availability for removalist services in Fitzroy on weekdays and weekends.

    HomeMove requires a minimum of 48 hours notice for cancellation of removalist services in Fitzroy.

    The cost of HomeMove’s removalist services in Fitzroy depends on the size of the move and distance traveled.

    HomeMove’s removalist services can travel within Fitzroy and the surrounding suburbs.

    The minimum booking time for HomeMove’s removalist services in Fitzroy is 2 hours.

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