Piano Movers – tips to finding the right piano movers for you!

January 21st, 2016

Piano Movers

Yes piano movers are a rare breed, it takes a particular kind of rugged and resilient individual to move pianos for a living. This article will assist you to discover what you need and find a trusted transporter to suit your requirements.

What kind of piano mover do I need?

Lets approach this question by asking three further questions:

1. What type of piano do you have? 2. What is the access like (Eg. up a flight of stairs or ground floor only), 3. What is the sentimental and monetary value of the piano to you?

A standard upright or small piano can often be moved by a trusted local mover, . Pianola’s and Baby grands, again can be moved by trusted local removalists provided they have the right equipment, training and experience. Grand pianos and concert pianos or pianos of high dollar value: you might want to consider leaving  these for the specialist piano movers.

Specialist piano movers

Specialist piano movers as the name suggests just move pianos, all day every day. This gives the extra knowledge a know how, and resources to tackle difficult or out of the ordinary piano moves. Keep in mind this option may prove more expensive, particularly if you are moving household items at the same time. You will have to engage a furniture removalist as well as a piano mover.

What questions should I ask my piano movers?

image showing melbourne piano moversYou don’t just want any removalists to touch your piano, make sure your removals team know what they are doing. You can start by asking these basic questions. 1. Do you move piano’s regularly? 2. Do you have specific piano trolleys and lifting equipment?

Make sure you also give full and frank disclosure to your prospective furniture removalists. Let them know the approximate size, weight and type of piano to be relocated.  Also be very clear on the type of access the removals team will need to negotiate. Access types can include: sloping driveway, stairs, 3 steps at front porch, narrow turn in a hallway.

All these factors will help a couple of things. Whether your chosen furniture removals company can perform the piano move. It  will also determine, the manpower and resources needed to ensure your piano is transported safely and smoothly.

P.S. Check out this great piece of new technology for moving pianos.