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Before I blabber on about removalists & storage in Fitzroy, let me reminisce about my wayward youth………

I remember my first share house in Melbourne, the infamous Kerr Street Fitzroy! A rundown Victorian terrace, just across the road from The Evelyn Hotel. That house symbolized freedom (at least from my parents) and a new beginning in an unexplored city! It was full of travelers and artists, and all under the distrustful eye of a killjoy landlord. The kind of makeshift home where a novel might be set or a movie filmed.

It was back then that I first tried my hand at furniture removals. Winding my truck around Melbourne’s inner city back streets, I soon became familiar with Melbourne’s most iconic suburbs. Fitzroy, Carlton, Collingwood, Richmond (all the footy team suburbs!) Going back over 15 years, I still remember some of those early moves. Or should I say some moves you never forget! The double door fridge down the spiral stair move! The lift that broke down on a 40 degree day move. The elderly customer who insisted on baking a roast for our dinner move!


HomeMove today

Who would have guessed those first tentative steps into furniture removals, would someday develop into a sophisticated moving and storage business. Today HomeMove stands with 20 employees, a fleet of 8 vehicles and a large storage facility based in Melbourne’s inner city. I can’t say I’m as starry eyed, adventurous or idealistic as when I first arrived in Kerr st Fitzroy. But, I have learned some hard won lessons since that time. The simple joy of strenuous physical labor, the pride you gain from doing any and all jobs well, the ability to crack a cheeky, defiant smile at life, when the day just ain’t going your way. Hopefully, I’ve passed a few of these lessons onto our HomeMove team along the way.

If you need to move into or out of Fitzroy or North Fitzroy, please give HomeMove a call. Whether you’re moving into an apartment or a Victorian terrace, our switched-on team, will make sure everything happens, simply and seamlessly, without a hitch!

For a hassle-free move by removalists who can handle Fitzroy, call us on (03) 9077 3120 or enquire online.


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