Watch out for the storage sting

It can be a tough time finding affordable storage that is relatively easy to organise and simple to understand. With new options such as mobile self-storage recently becoming more popular, it is harder than ever to compare the options. Some companies will deliberately try to make it more complicated than it needs to be so they can make their rates seem more attractive. This article will give you a few tips and tricks you can use to avoid any unwanted surprises.

The hardest part of storage is trying to compare companies. There are two main types of storage, mobile storage and public self-storage. Mobile storage is generally companies that can bring storage crates to your home, they either let you load them or have employees to load them for you. To compare mobile storage it is key that you know who will be packing the crate. It will generally be pricier if someone is packing the crates for you but it does mean that the space will be used more efficiently and that you will have a much easier time! If you’re loading yourself make sure you know if they supply protective materials such as blankets and mattress protectors. These can add additional cost to yourself that make other companies that pack crates more competitive. Weigh up the pros and cons of the services that they offer before you make a decision based on the cheapest rate.

Self-storage centres are your next option, these tend to be cheaper than mobile storage options but unless you are able to pack the storage cage yourself you will have to budget for removalists to move you in and out. The cost of move in and outs can vary wildly depending on where the storage cage is located in the centre. This added cost of moving in and out makes the mobile storage more comparable depending on the length of the storage. Mobile storage will often have a fixed price for move in and outs, this makes it easier to budget compared to Storage centres. Storage centres are generally better if you need to regularly access the items that you are storing. Most mobile self-storage centres won’t let you take a few items and put a few more items in without a significant cost to yourself.

The biggest complaint that we hear in this industry is rising rates. Less reputable storage companies will lure customers in with very low and attractive rates to use their service but over the coming months, the rates begin to rise. I recently spoke to a customer who had their rate raised by 35% in just one year. Ask the company you select if they can lock the rate they offer for 12 months or if they have a set amount that rates go up. These rate rises can be linked to inflation or just a flat rate but its just important to find out early on.

The biggest trap of both mobile self-storage and public self-storage is the laziness factor. Try to have a clear picture of what will happen to the goods you are storing. If you’re storing just because you’ve run out of space it might be time for a garage sale rather than storage. If you’re building a new home or going overseas for a few months its easier to make a plan for what will happen to your goods in storage. Storage companies are more than happy to have your goods for as long as you are paying rent! if you’re not sure if storage is worth it, add up the value of every item in storage then compare that to the yearly cost of storage.

To recap, when storing make sure you compare the advantages and disadvantages of each storage option including the cost of moving in and out. Ask the storage company what their rate rise policy is and get it in writing to avoid surprises in the future. And finally, have a plan for your goods! It’s easy to pay more for storage than the items being stored are actually worth, by having an idea of how long you’ll store you too can avoid this trap.

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