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Melbourne Removalists – HOMEMOVE better trained removalists!

Melbourne Removalists – better trained!

Removals Industry reputation

Removals is one of those industries that has a bad reputation for attracting undesirables. Melbourne removalists can come in many forms: from cowboys who move furniture like it’s an adrenaline sport, tattooed jailbirds who lisp through their missing front teeth, and bleary eyed backpackers whose sweat reeks of 4 different tap beers. This is just to name a few who populate the Melbourne removals scene.

Tips for finding the right removalist for you.

How do you sort the wheat from the chaff? If I were a removals customer this is how I would avoid dodgy!
1. Web presence: Ensure the removalist’s website and social media pages, have plenty of real content. That is real video and photos of company employees going about their daily removals business. Stock photography is a mask!
2. Reviews: ALWAYS check review sites: google reviews,, product review. Dig deeper, and beware as many removalists post their own positive reviews. You can usually spot these – they are very generic, they give non-specific information and praise and are usually shorter in length.
3. Cheapest Rates do not always mean the cheapest move. How do Melbourne furniture removalists who offer bad service keep attracting new customers? Many by dangling a tempting low hourly rate right under your consumer nose. Those rates can often be low for a reason: cut backs on training, recruitment, safety, inadequate office staffing levels, under paying of removals workers and sidestepping of liability for damages. These are all ways in which hourly rate can be kept low. And remember LOW rate usually = SLOW on pace!

Be sure to choose a removalist with an established training program, and a great team culture. Investigate the websites and social media behind the removals company. You’ll soon get an idea as to how the company thinks and acts behind the scenes. A strong, caring culture of excellence, and happy staff, typically means an excellent customer experience.

image showing melbourne removalists team in the storage unit

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  1. Good morning

    We had our move completed by Homemove yesterday (Tuesday 18/4/17). (Maribyrnong to Point Cook) The two gents who turned up were Misha and Josh – Please pass on our thanks for a Job well done .. They were polite, professional and did a great job !!

    Kind Regards

    Frank Hurley

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